Chain saw carving has been around since the invention of the chain saw. No matter where you go in the US you will find a chain saw carver. Some carve very rustic unfinished sculptures and some take their carvings to a fine art finish. I try to keep my sculptures affordable yet take them to a level you would be proud to display in your home. I have only been carving for a few years and find every sculpture is a true adventure filled with emotion. I never knew I had the ability to carve/sculpt, until I picked a chainsaw up and went to it (Thanks to MIKE and GOD given talent). I always like taking on new projects so don’t hesitate to ask me, if I have the time and access to the wood I will try it.

JR Chainsaw Carvings Jerry Reid Working on bear carvingJR Chainsaw Carvings Jerry Reid working on Christ carving

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